Argyle Stores

Argyle Stores, The Rocks, SydneyThe Argyle Stores are located on Argyle Street at The Rocks in Sydney, New South Wales. The stores are one of the earliest bond stores built in Australia. The bond stores housed merchandise such as tea, spirits, cloth and sugar and was the hub of Sydney's commercial and maritime operations during the 1800's. The goods entering into the harbours remained in the bond stores until importers paid the duty on the goods.

The first section of the Argyle Stores was built by convicts in 1828 as a house for Captain Piper, who received the original land grant in the same year. The building was later owned by emancipist (ex-convict who had served her time) and businesswoman, Mary Reibey. Today the buildings are a main feature of the Rocks and are occupied by specialised shops and restaurants.

Argyle Stores, The Rocks, SydneyYou enter the stores via an elaborate arch (bearing its name) and big red doors which leads you through to the granite courtyard, which the stores are set around. The courtyard still retains many of its original features and character. The name Argyle was chosen by Governor Macquarie in honour of his birthplace in Scotland. Many streets, buildings and places at the Rocks bear the name including the Argyle Cut , Argyle Place and Argyle Street.