Bare Island

Bare Island, Sydney, NSWAustralia Bare Island is located near Congwong Bay , La Perouse in New South Wales. The island was named by Captain James Cook in 1770. The concrete fort was built between 1881-1885 to guard against foreign invasion and possible attacks on the colony's water supply, which was located in the Botany wetlands. Originally the only access to the island was via a flying fox. Today you can access the island via a footbridge that is located on Anzac Parade.

Due to the poorly constructed building a royal commission was ordered, which resulted in the resignation of the Colonial architectect James Barnet. The bridge to the island was built in 1887. Following the decommissioned of the fort in the early 1900's due to advancing technology, it became a war veterans home for fifty years before becoming a reserved historic site.The fort appears in the Tom Cruise movie Mission Impossible 2 during one of the many action scenes.