Barrack Tower

Barrack Tower, Sydney, AustraliaThe Barrack Tower (also known as The Watch Tower) is located on Anzac Parade in La Perouse and was built in c.1820 as a tower for soldiers to keep watch for smugglers along the coast. Built in the time of Governor Macquarie, the tower is one of the earliest Colonial structures in New South Wales and is believed to be the oldest customs house in Australia. The two storey octagonal tower was built from sandstone and features a castellated turret top. The tower was originally built as a military guardhouse and lookout station where a small group of soldiers were stationed to keep watch for smugglers and stray ships. In 1831 it became a customs house with a customs officier and boat crew stationed there. The tower remained in use as a customs house until 1904. In the 1960's the tower was damaged by fire and restoration work was carried out, however the windows still remained bricked up.