Dawes Point

Dawes Point is located next to The Rocks on the north eastern edge of Sydney's city centre. The area was originally named Tar-ra and Tullagalla by the local aborigines but was later changed to Point Maskelyne in honour of Reverend Dr Nevil Maskelyne (British Astronomer Royal). However when astronomer Lieutenant William Dawes established Australia's first observatory after arriving with the First Fleet it was quickly renamed in his honour. In a line of firsts it also was the site of the first guns mounted, the first cemetery and the first battery.

Ferry Lane

If you wander along Pottinger Street you will come across a narrow walkway known as Ferry Lane. It is one of the last remaining accessways left in Dawes Point. When the council decided to build a park all the paving stones were numbered before being removed so they could be relaid in its original form.