George Street North Police Station

Georst Street North Police Station, The Rocks, SydneyThe George Street North Police Station, also known as Police Station No 4, is located on George Street North in the inner city area of Sydney known as The Rocks .

It was designed by Colonial architect James Barnet in neo-classical style. The facade was completed in a Palladium Water Gate architectural style. The first building on the site was The First General Hospital dating back to the 1790's which was built by convict carpenters and men on loan from ships which moored in the harbour. The hospital was demolished in 1796 and rebuilt on a stone foundation but was later closed after the 'Rum Hospital' in Macquarie Street was opened in 1816.

The George Street North Police Station was constructed in 1882 and operated until 1974. The police station replaced a lock-up in Harrington Street that was declared "unslightly and uninhabitable" by the Inspector General of Police.The excerise yard was later removed to make way for Nurses Walk.