Suburb of North Sydney

Brief History

North Sydney, AustraliaThe suburb of North Sydney is located in Sydney's inner northern suburbs and is part of the Local Government Area of North Sydney Council. The original inhabitants of the area were the Cammeraygal and Wallumedegal Aboriginal tribes. European settlement in the area occurred in 1805 when land grants were made. The area was virtually uninhabitable with rugged terrain and poor soil for agricultural development.

In 1830 access to the area was made easier with the introduction of ferry services. By the 1850's the land had been subdivided and significant growth began to be seen. In the 1890's the North Shore Railway line was reponsible for the most significant growth in the area followed by the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the 1930's.

Today suburb of North Sydney is a major business district and has the second largest concentration of office buildings in New South Wales. Surprisingly North Sydney has very limited shopping facilities. But don't fret a Shopping World complex is currently underway along Berry Street.

Things You May Not Know About North Sydney

The postcode for North Sydney is 2060.

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